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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

pak army logo, bcf pak army, skCIVILIANS RULES

In Pakistan Army many people work as Civilians/BCF

They have many Trades or Fields
like   SS-II (Skilled) , 
Pakistan Army, BCF in Pak Army, Civilian In Pak Army, Shoaib Javed BCF in Pakistan ArmySS-I Skilled , 
HS-I (High Skilled) , 
HSM (High Skilled Mistrey ) , 
JSO (Junior Scientific Officer) , 
SO (Scientific Officer)  ,

Now Pakistan Army Introduced new Civilian force is Called
BCF (Blue Collar Force)
BCF as like other civilian they are already worked in 
Pakistan Army Workshops, So Rules/SOP/S PAO/PAO are applying on BCF same as others Civilians
These Rules/SOP/S PAO/PAO are under as:
1. Leave
SPO 7/90
Chapter of 5 estacode 2007 Vol-I

2. Retirement
Chapter of 6 estacode 2007 Vol-I

3. Conduct Efficiency & Discipline
 Chapter of 9 estacode 2007 Vol-II

4. Terms & Conditions of Svc
POA 14/75

5. Pay, Allowances & Others Benefits
Chapter of 10 estacode 2007 Vol-II

6. GP Funds
Chapter of 11 estacode 2007 Vol-II

7. Benevolent Funds & Group Insurance
Chapter of 12 estacode 2007 Vol-II

8. Appeals Petitions and Representations
Shoaib Javed bcf electronics in pakistan army, bcf in pak army, civilian pak army,Chapter of 13 estacode 2007 Vol-II

9. Promotions 
S.R.O 54 (I) / 94

10. Pay Scales
S.R.O 54 (I) / 94


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